Take the Youngsters with You

Are you planning to go to a long drive with your family? Also, wondering how to take care of your active youngster. Do not worry; this article will help you on how to arrange the best family trip. We have made many trips by car from Minnesota to Florida and from Minnesota to Texas, not to mention numerous shorter trips with two small active boys as passengers. If we have learned nothing else we have learned this, that if both you and the children are going to enjoy your vacation by car you must plan for it. You can't take an active youngster, plop him down in the car with nothing to do except to ride all day, and have the youngster happy. Or if he is, I will guarantee you won't be, because if small youngsters don't have something definite to do, they'll find something to do, and it may not be in accord with your idea of the proper occupation for a passenger in your car.

We acquired our boys one at a time so when we made our first trips, we had just one small son to cope with. One of the first things we learned was that the youngster wanted to see what was going on. A most natural desire. Can you imagine yourself riding all day and only being able to see bits of the sky as you look up at an angle through the car window? A child's auto seat is a great convenience, but in many instances we found it took too much space.

As a substitute we purchased a small straight red chair. The child loved the color. We placed it in the seat between Daddy and Mother. This enabled our young lad to see out the front or side windows with the greatest of ease. From this seat he would ride contentedly for long periods. When he became sleepy it was easy to shift him to our laps or lay him on the back seat for a snooze.

But time went on and we acquired another boy. We still loved to travel. But two small, active boys are more than twice the problem of one. When two boys have nothing to do they can always wrestle, which is bad for luggage and for parents morale.

Then too they can fight, which not only upsets the adults but the children as well. So we learned to plan. In the first place we try to make as much use of the car trunk for luggage as possible, to allow plenty of room in the back seat for the youngsters. We try to use judgment in deciding on what we can get along without. Before starting on our journey we have found it wise to talk over the trip with the lads. We show them on the map just where we plan to go, and about how long we expect to be en route, and what there will be to see along the way.

You will be surprised how it helps if your youngsters know ahead of starting time that they will be riding all day for several days in succession. It is very important set everything in correct order and plans everything before going out. Make you trip the best ever trip of your family by following the instruction given above.

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