Personalized Baby Shower Favors

Looking for a unique baby shower favor that you can pass out to all the guests? A baby shower favor is a very important part of the baby shower. It is the way you can thank your guests for attending the event. It will also help stir their own memories of the fun time they had at the shower. There are thousands of ideas that can easily be done when putting together baby shower party favors.

However, two things that makes very classy and unique baby shower favors are food items and personalized items. Food, typical is a big hit for any part favor because well, honestly we all love little goodies and treats to eat. Food as a baby shower party favor is also a wonderful idea because you can be sure people will use the item or in this case eat the item instead of it sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. Another fun idea is to personalize the shower item. This shows that you have gone the extra step and really thought about the person attending the event. You will find some of the top ideas for personalizing baby shower favor below.

These have been collected over time and only represent a small fraction of what is possible. You should spend time reading through the suggestions here and then let you r mind be creative and wander for a while. This will ensure you come up with something unique and individual. Chocolates - Chocolates are always a wonderful gift to give as a shower favor be it for a wedding or a baby shower. Now if you don't want to spend hours in the kitchen slaving over the chocolates simple go to a craft store or even online and buy chocolates in bulk.

Then separate and wrap them in small boxes or tins and personalize the baby shower favor with a computer-printed sticker. One really fun type of chocolate that is elegant and classy is a chocolate truffle. These make wonderful baby shower part favor to give to guests. Cookies - These can be really a lot of fun if you like to bake.

Remember you do not have to give too many cookies per attendee either. Often less is more and by giving only one or two you make the cookies very elegant and classy. Instead of giving two dozen chocolate chip cookies in a brown paper bag give one or two specially made personalized cookies.

You can personalize the cookies with the frosting making each one unique and individual. You can also make the warping or tin unique and individual using a computer label or some fancy calligraphy. Whatever you choose remember that less is really more.

In the cookie arena a very special and personalized idea might be to make unique and individual fortune cookies. You can print the fortunes using a computer and easily insert them when you make the cookie. Honey or Jam - Another fun item that can make a very personalized and unique baby shower favor is homemade honey, jam, or jellies. These are something you can easily make months ahead of the event and then use the label on the jar to personalize the gift. You can include things like the guests names, date of the event, the babies name or other such personalized information.

A fun title might be something like Welcome the new Honey Bee into our life, or some other fun pun on words. Personalized mint tins - These are very popular items also and very classy. Blank mint tins can easily be purchased in bulk at local craft stores or online and then a simple computer label applied to the tin will make it a unique and personalized baby shower favor. By personalizing the baby shower favor you really show to the people who come to the shower that you appreciate and effort. It also provides them with a fun memory of the time that they had.

They will often think back tot he wonderful experience they had at the shower each and every time they use the personalized baby shower favor. It is very easy to personalize gifts with some simple labels and a computer with a color printer. By using modern technology and wholesale items you can end up with a unique personalized baby shower favor. Just make sure to leave yourself enough time to create whatever you are going to make so that you are not rushed and trying to do it last minute. This will result in a big disaster.

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