Experiencing Halo On The Xbox

 I was waiting for Halo 3 to come for about one year after I got burned out on the Halo 2 multiplayer.  As in all Xbox 360 games it comes in HD.  So I was really happy about that and was wondering how well it would look.  I own a nice HDTV to play it on as well.

  But as far as the game goes it's great.  The thing I was looking forward to the most was the single player campaign.  .

.I have enjoyed playing through all of the other Halos campaign especially in Halo 1 because there was no online multiplayer for me to spend countless hours on. So in halo 3 all of the graphics are much improved and again looks great in HD.  All of the weapons and scenery look completely natural to the halo universe.

  So basically Halo 3 leaves off right where halo 2 ended.  You start off the game with marines finding you on Earth.  Right when the game starts out, the look of it in HD on a HDTV really gets tested by all of the grass and trees in the area.

  From there you learn that the arbiter is fighting with the humans and gain a new ally.  . .You know longer fight elites any more but mostly all brutes.

  Something I didn’t like is bringing back the flood.  I know without the Flood there wouldn’t really be a halo but I just hate fighting them.  With that in mind you get to use some new vehicles as well.  They decided to finally bring in the mongoose which is basically an ATV.  They were going to put it in the 2nd one but they decided to take it out for some reason.  .

.There are a couple of new weapons such as the brute gravity hammer and the Spartan laser.  The Spartan laser is a one shot one kill thing.  Basically what ever you decide to shoot blows up in an awesome explosion.  Which on a HDTV looks spectacular.

  Kind of a bad thing though is that halo 3 is supposed to be the end of the trilogy even though I don’t think it will be.  But if it is true it will be sad.  The story in Halo is so strong that they can’t really end it like they did.

  . .Don’t worry, I wont spoil anything at the end.  Also some of the fights are a lot more epic than in the other two.  Fighting multiple scarabs at a time or being on the ground on the back of a mongoose while firing rocket launchers at there legs.

  So all in all Halo 3 is a must have for 360 owners.  Even if you don’t like halo you just have to get it because if you don’t have it your not cool. .

John Wilkerson, an aspiring 16 year old writer.
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