A Series of One on One Interviews with Russian Ukrainian Ladies Nordm Yulia

Yulia They are possibly the most beautiful and desirable women on the planet, But sadly there is now a distrust with both the men that find these ladies so attractive and the ladies of the FSU. This is a great pity and we believe largely due to misunderstanding, or Failures of communication. What do these ladies think? What is their point of view and how do they see the West, or the men that are so attracted to them? It is hoped that this series of interviews can help break down these suspicions and doubts and help create trust and understanding. This ongoing series of interviews should be of particular interest for any man that seeks a Ukrainian,or Russian Bride, or partner. Question: Hello, Yulia. Thank you for agreeing to this interview Answer: Hello! Question: You are a very beautiful young lady; it is difficult to believe that you have any problem attracting the attention of men? Answer: I have never been deprived of boy's attention in childhood,or men's attention in mature age, but it doesn't mean that I have met the right man for myself.

Question: When did you decide to register to an international dating agency? Answer: Probably my destiny lies abroad, not in my country. Are there any other ways to find him? Only through international dating and marriage agencies. I have heard a lot successful stories of how Ukrainian women marry foreign men.

So I decided to take my chance and try. Question: Was it something you did spontaneously, or did you consider this cautiously? Answer: It was an unexpected decision. I often do some things spontaneously, following my impulse, but considering later this decision I have never complained about it, and I think I will not complain about it in the future either! Question: Was it an easy decision to take, seeking your soul mate Internationally? Answer: Why not? If he will really be my second half then it doesn't matter where he lives, or from what country and culture. Question: Many ladies in The Ukraine are very suspicious, or even frightened of seeking a man from the West. Do you also have some fears? Answer: I think it is normal to have fears and suspicions. Who knows he can be a maniac.

I overstate of course, but. I heard only positive stories from my friends. The stories of how they found their love in another country and still do not complain that they decided to search their second half through the marriage agencies. Question: Do you know that many western men are very mistrustful, or doubtful of finding a genuine and sincere Ukraine lady? Have you heard these stories? Answer: I understand their mistrust and fears. There are a big number of marriage agencies, which just cheat and swindle money from the pockets of foreign men, but, definitely there are still a lot of women that wish to meet a foreigner to build a serious relationship and family life and to move to his country. More and more women become disappointed with Ukrainian men.

We are not protected from bad situations and always can happen something we didn't consider, or didn't expect. So do not stop on bad thoughts, just make another step for a new life and new opportunities. Question: Please tell me; from you point of view as a Ukrainian Lady do you think you can find a loving, caring and respectful man from a foreign country? Answer: I don't think if the man is from another country it means that he is different. I am sure there are a lot of decent, intelligent and nice men abroad, it is why I want to find one for myself. Question: Have you personally heard of some very frightening stories? Of terrible things happening to Ukraine ladies, on moving to a foreign country? Answer: Yes, I have watched some programs on TV, but I keep the opinion.

He who doesn't take a risk, will not find his happiness. Question: But you are willing to try anyway? Answer: As I mentioned before the bad stories in relationships with Ukrainian man can happen also, but we do not stop, we stand up and go forward for another adventure in dating and marriage. Relationships internationally between man and woman are the same story.

Question: You are an exceptionally beautiful lady. As a programmer, do you feel that you have a Greater possibility of success outside of the Ukraine? Answer: Yes. I think that as a programmer I have good opportunities abroad. Now I graduate the Polytechnic University in Poltava and then I want to try myself in this field and I don't want to limit myself to only seeking my future to within Ukrainian borders. It is important to have a strong wish and the persistence to achieve your goal.

Question: For me The Ukraine is an enigma, very beautiful, many very educated and intelligent people, it seems to have so much potential and yet life seems very hard.Is it getting better? Do you feel life is improving within the Ukraine? Answer: Yes the Ukraine develops and life becomes better and easier. We do not notice this, because the changes come very slowly. Question: Why do you think Russian women are so popular with men from around the world? Answer: It is well known fact that Slavic women are very beautiful, also they are good wives, we put in the first place the family's values and only after this, career development. We have a particular feature, at the same time that we are keeping and caring about our family, we develop our career. I think a Slavic woman is a dream for any man! Question: What do you know of life outside of The Ukraine? Have you informed yourself in any way as to the way of life in any foreign countries? Answer: I know that life isn't easy outside Ukraine also, but there is more clearity and foresight than here.

Question: Do you have any favorite destination, any country from which you hope to find your man? Answer: I don't have any preferences. Only I want him to be a nice person. Question: What is the first thing that you look at in a man's profile? His photo, personality type, age etc? Answer: I look at his age first, then his photo and then his features of character.

Question: Why do you think so many ladies are interested in finding a man from another country? Please give me your opinion. Answer: We Dream about a happy life! After several disappointments with Ukrainian men and the Ukrainian government, women are looking for happiness abroad. They say: "the better place is, where we are not". I hope that happiness will be always with me, wherever I will go. Question: Ok, you have found your other half and he has found you, do you think it will be easy, or difficult starting your new life in a foreign country? Answer: It is normal to meet difficulties in another country, but if my beloved man will be with me, then we will create our own World and overcome all troubles together! Just believe and go ahead! Our happiness depends only upon us.

Question: Thank you for your honesty and openness. We wish you every success and happiness and as the agency entrusted by you, we will be with you every step of the way. Well actually until you tell us you do not need us anymore. Answer: Thank you. It is nice that you exchange opinions between Ukrainian women and western men.

It will resolve, I hope some misunderstandings and hopefully will help someone! Question: May we include your photo within this interview? Answer: Yes, I do not mind. I want to find a foreign man so I will be glad if you place my picture here. A continuing series of interviews aimed at helping to break down the barriers of mistrust and suspicion between the ladies of the FSU and the men of the world that find them so attractive. It is hoped these interviews can help promote trust and understanding across the linguistic, cultural and historical divide.

Make a list of all the attributes that your dream lady would possess-yes every one. Wellcome to Russianand Ukrainian ladies. Why they should have become so is another story, but a Russian, Ukrainian woman will enrich the life of any man, with the exception of the man with a heart of stone. Only beware and avoid scammers. Read more at:-


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